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Take a look through our photo gallery for some of the work performed by Aprilla Grids. Check out the custom grid design performed for some of our customers - specialised paint works, grid and gate combination plus many varying size grids.


Choosing the right Stock Grid or Cattle Grid

It is important when making the decision on which stock grid or cattle grid to purchase that the product you are considering actually does perform the required job.

For a grid to work effectively there are two important factors

Grid Depth - grid top rails need to be correctly spaced allowing sufficient light into the base of the grid. The animal has to be able to perceive the grid depth. This perception creates uncetainty/fear which prevents making a crossing.

Grid Width - the width (along road dimension) is critical so that an animal won’t be physically able to jump the obstacle.

The combination of both design factors make a Stock Grid or Cattle Grid work effectively. The Aprilla Grid design fully incorporate these factors ensuring effective and long lasting use.

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